Chapter 218

Little Fort

Lake County, IL

To Promote the ancient Hellenic ideals of education, integrity, family, and individual excellence though community service and volunteerism

Humble Beginnings

and Our Mission


AHEPA was founded in 1922 in Atlanta GA to help and protect immigrant Greeks from racism and discrimination they faced when arriving to the  United States in search of a better life. Chapter 218 Little Fort  is among the oldest chapter's in the AHEPA organization.

Our chapter was founded in the city of Waukegan IL pm March 31 1929, our activities have since expanded to encompass all of Lake County IL.  We support charitable causes within our chapter area, state, national, and international level.  We have made an impact on our community since the inception of our chapter and continue to do so.  We strive to make a larger impact year after year.


District 13 covers all IL and chapters of Milwaukee and Madison in WI.

AHEPA National Headquarters is located in Washington DC.

Six students were presented with scholarship awards at our annual dinner dance in 2017

Six students were presented with scholarship awards at our annual dinner dance in 2017

Little Fort brothers sharing a drink after a meeting

Little Fort brothers sharing a drink after a meeting

Highlights of our Activities

Some of the organizations that have benefited from our contributions

  • Educational Scholarships

  • Assist Families in need

  • Feed 6 Local charity

  • AHEPA District 13 Scholarship Fund

  • AHEPA District 13 Sports Awards

  • American Rehab Center and Retirement Home

  • St. Demetrios Greek Church & Programs

  • AHEPA Dogs for Veterans - Service Dogs for Veterans

  • Host several events or sponsor attractions to bring attention to our cause and strengthen our ties with the Lake County community


Chapter 218 sponsored the Dunk Tank attraction at the St Demetrios Summer Greek Fest in 2017

Chapter 218 sponsored the Dunk Tank attraction at the St Demetrios Summer Greek Fest in 2017


2017 Little Fort Dunk Tank atracttion at St. Demetrios Church (Libertyville) Summer Fest.


News and Events

Special news, events, and messages from our Chapter, neighbor Chapters, District 13, and National level.

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Chapter 218, neighboring chapters, district 13, and national news events are listed below.  Please view below to see if you may be interested in joining us at an AHEPA sponsored event or contributing to our cause.  All coming events will be listed on the calendar at the bottom of the page.  Come back often as we are always adding new information below.



Medical Library at Evangelismos Hospital

At the 2016 AHEPA National Convention in Las Vegas, the "Medical Library at Evangelismos Hospital" was approved to be one of the National projects of AHEPA. This is the biggest hospital in Greece and also provides free medical services to AHEPAN members and families who visit Greece and need such services. The medical library will be located at this hospital and will provide innovative information from all over the world to allow better medical services throughout Greece. We ask that you join us in the effort to help raise the funds to make the library a reality.  Click below for additional information below below or click on the button at top of page to reach donation website:




We are back from our summer rest break. Plenty of new ideas for events, gatherings, etc. Give us s bit to nail down details prior to sharing them with you all.

Past Events Updates



Chapter 218 set off to watch the Milwaukee Bucks on November 24. A group of 20 met and cheered on the Greek Freak and the Bucks that evening. If you missed out, there will be more opportunities from other chapters hosting Greek Nights in Milwaukee and Chicago.



Our chapter recently held a social event at Arena Training Center for some judo lessons. We would like to thank our host and coaches who took it easy on us. After some warm ups, sparring, and a lot of laughs. Enjoy the preview videos placed here. We are working on adding a few more.



Bowling Event!!!

Come one, come all, lets see how well you do when you toss the rock down the lane Fred Flinstones style.

Date: 10/8/2019

Time: 8PM

Place: Brunswick Zone, Fountain Square